10089 – Smart Investor book cover


  • Unlimited changes of fonts and colors until cover is delivered. Further changes, including adding new elements to cover such as new edition number, awards stamps, and more can be purchased later.
  • 3 free 3D cover mockups with order of full cover (for print). 1 3D mockup with order of front cover for ebook.
  • Ebook and print design sizes are good for one platform of your choice (Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Apple, or other).
  • To add different sizes to submit your cover to different sellers there is an additional charge (some sellers will accept different sizes, so you can submit the same cover size to more than one platform. Please check requirements for each seller).
  • List price is for the front cover design only (for ebook publishing). Purchase of full wraparound cover (spine and back design) for print publishing is optional (option will be available during checkout and can also be purchased later).
  • Blended images in some covers can be changed. You can choose to add or remove elements (additional charges), such as adding a person, cities, objects, etc. Please consult us to know if the cover of your choice supports this type of editing. Changes are limited. If you need to make extensive changes, please order a custom cover.
  • Exclusive copyright. Once you purchase a cover, it’s yours forever. No one will be able to use the design.
  • Additional services can be purchased later inside your account (to be created during checkout).