How it works?

Choose your cover

Pick a cover or style and write down the code (it’s in the title). Click the “buy this cover” button. If you like a cover, you can purchase the design to reserve it, even if your book is years away from publishing. Our covers are exclusive and sold only once.

Or order a custom cover

If you don’t want to use a premade cover you can order a custom cover that will be tailored specifically to your story and genre. Let us know what your book is about and what type of elements you would like to see in your cover.

Complete your order

Click the “buy this cover” button and proceed with your order. Don’t forget to include the code for the cover you want. Once you secure your cover, it cannot be sold again to anyone else. We accept PayPal (all major credit cards).

Give us your details

Give us the details to build your cover: title, subtitle, author name, etc. Also, let us know if you would like the designer to change elements on the cover (add or remove images, zoom in or out the picture, use your own images, etc.).

We go to work

You will be assigned a designer (usually the designer who created the cover your picked). The designer will add your details to the cover and email it to you as a first draft.

Give us feedback

You can ask the designer to adjust your cover unlimited times until you are completely satisfied with it. You can have fonts, colors, and positions changed as many times as you want, as well as zoom in and out of the original image on your cover (if possible).

Add or remove images

To have elements (images) added or removed from your cover or special effects added to images, there is a one-time charge of $30 (can be purchased later). For example, if your chosen cover has an element that doesn’t fit your storyline, you can ask to have it removed or replaced with something else.

Full wraparound cover for print

If you plan to publish your book on Create Space or another print platform, you can choose to add the full wraparound design to your order (spine and back cover). There is a $52 fee for this service, including unlimited changes, and $65 if you want to use extra images on the back cover.

Delivery of your final cover

Once you are completely satisfied with your cover, the designer will close the file and upload the cover in the correct format ready to be submitted to online publishers. In case of print publishing such as Create Space, the final cover is also uploaded in the proper format for submission.