Some authors like to believe that readers will not judge their books by the cover. After all, they have put their hearts and souls to create a compelling story. How could readers pass an awesome book just because the cover is so-so, right? It doesn’t make sense! What are you going to do with a book cover other than just stare at it? A book is not a cover, a book is its content… Or is it?

There’s another group of authors who firmly believe that regardless of the cover, their books are going to be successful based on buzz and word of mouth.

Statistics, aka reality, is against book groups! This is especially true in this day and age of online publishing. Few books gain enough traction to build a reputation based on word of mouth alone. Ironically, these books usually do have really good, professionally designed covers!

The cases where books with unprofessional, ugly covers gain notoriety are few and far between. One of the most important factors affecting this phenomenon is that readers don’t know if a book is good or not BEFORE they read it! Of course! So you could have, literally, the best book ever written in your hands. The public does not know that and will not want to know if they don’t feel compelled to buy it first, EVEN IF the book has been recommended by friends or have good reviews! So even the elusive word of mouth effect can be killed by a bad cover!

Nowadays, it’s not hard to get a cover made. There are countless free online tools where the authors themselves can play around with images and text (to produce a visibly unprofessional cover!). There are also amateurs aiming to explore the ingenuity of first time authors offering covers for $5 on sites like Fiverr.

Cutting corners, however, can definitely jeopardize the future success of your book. Saving money on thing like editing, proofreading, and a good cover results in a book that receives terrible reviews on sites like Amazon. That ultimately kills any change of success.

Most people that buy books and ebooks online AND on bookstores quickly scan the covers until something pops up. Just think about your own behavior when buying books. If you’ve never heard about a certain book before, what is the single most important thing that will drive you to pick up the book or click thru? Well, IT IS the cover! A bad, unprofessional, uninteresting cover doesn’t catch your attention, you don’t even look at it, you move on to the next book that looks “appealing”.

Having your cover designed by a professional, even if you choose a premade cover (which are always exclusive, by the way), is a good strategy to take that weight off your shoulders. Your book will definitely not be rejected because of a bad cover! Our prices are affordable for independent authors. There are no reasons to skimp on a good cover to save a few bucks now and then not make big bucks when the book is published due to a poorly designed cover!


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