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If you don’t love your cover, you get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

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Have an eye catching cover to sell more books and ebooks on any plataform.

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High resolution, professional design, book store quality covers.

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Why you should have your cover professionally designed?

People do judge books by its cover! Your cover is the major advertising for your book.

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High Resolution

300 dpi resolution for a crystal clear, sharp, print ready look.

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Receive all the files you need to upload your ebook and print covers.

Unlimited Revisions

We’re not happy until you’re happy! No extra fees for changes.

No image fees

No extra fees for multiple royalty-free images on your cover.

3 Free 3D mockups

3D mockups are awesome marketing tools! Get 3 covers in high resolution.

Exclusive copyright

Once you choose your cover, it’s yours forever. You get full copyright.

How we work

Our Work Flow


Choose your cover

To see more details for each of our covers, hover the mouse over them and click the + button. Take note of the code for the cover of your choice (listed before the title).

Order a cover and give us the details

On your chosen cover page, click the “buy this cover” button and proceed with your order. During the order process, you will create a login in our system. Once the order is completed, login into your account and submit a ticket with your cover details (author name, book title, and other details).

How we work

Once a designer is assigned to your cover, you’ll be contacted with a first draft of your cover. You can request changes as many times as you want. You can change fonts, colors, and positions of title, subtitle, author name, and other text on the cover. To request the designer to edit the images on your cover, there is a $30 fee (which can be added later inside your member’s area). New images can be then added or images can be removed from cover if certain elements are not a good fit for your story. For example, if a cover has an image of Paris, you can request the image to be replaced with a picture of any other city, or even another element altogether.

What We Offer

We design stuff!

What stuff?


Book covers, websites, social media headers, advertisement for web and print, album covers, wedding invitations, product packaging, logos and identity suite, posters, etc.

A good book with a bad cover is like an important news story without a photograph or with a boring headline. It’s unfortunate, but people do judge books by the cover, especially online. Nobody knows how good (or bad) a book is before they read it! The Design Fairies offer more than cover design. We provide all the book publishing services authors need. From editing and proofreading, to formatting for publishers and design.

Building a website nowadays is easy. There are even services online that offer to build websites for free. Serious businesses, authors, and professionals shouldn’t skimp on their website, though. Unprofessional looking websites are a huge turn off for clients. The Design Fairies offers high quality website design, ready for all mobile plataforms, as well as other visual pieces such as social media headers, logos, banners, etc.

We offer graphic design for all purposes. We create your marketing concepts and all other communication material such as brochures, business cards, labels, direct mail, brochures, postcards, folders, posters, banners, letterheads, invitations. We also can coordinate the communication with the printing service and arrange delivery of the printed materials to your home or office.

How our clients are using our services

  • Book Covers 80%
  • Website design 45%
  • Social media design 95%
  • Print advertisement design 24%
  • Logos 35%

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have prepared before ordering?

Nothing! If you’re still writing your book and don’t have a title yet, that’s ok. Once a cover is purchased it cannot be used anymore. Our covers are exclusive. If you like a premade cover, you may want to purchase it before it is purchased by another client, even if you still don’t have all the details. The designer assigned to your cover will be working with you until you the book is ready to be published. You can just purchase the cover of your choice and ask us to sit on it until you’re ready. If you want a custom cover, you should give us a ballpark to work with, sending links to covers and images you like or telling us what you on your cover.

What if I don't know what I want on the cover?

You don’t need to choose one of the premade cover. You can order a custom cover and work directly with a designer to reach a unique result that translates your personality or tells a story. When ordering a custom cover, tell us your title, author name, and other details such as who are the major characters in your story or what the book is about in case of non-fiction. Let us know if you have a concept in mind, what kind of elements you would like to have on your cover (city, people, clocks, candles, windows, forest, etc.). You can also send us links to images and covers that you like so we have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

What if I'm not happy with the end results?

You can request unlimited changes until the designer reaches the results you’re looking for. However, if you’re still not satisfied, just cancel your order and we’ll refund you 100%. No “adminstrative” fees? No, no “whatever” fees. If we can’t deliver the perfect cover, we don’t want to keep your money. Furthermore, we can recommend other designers that may be a better fit for you.

Do you leave room for the ISBN on the print wraparound cover? How do I add the ISBN after the cover is finished?

Yes, we do leave room for the ISBN code following the guidelines of each publisher. Don’t worry about that! If you already have an ISBN, you can send it to us and we’ll add it to your cover in the appropriate place. If you don’t have one, you can decide if you want to get one before submitting your cover to the publisher or if you want to let the publisher add it to the cover themselves (yes, they will do that). Most publishing services will add the ISBN to your cover after submission so that is not really something you need to stress about. But do your research beforehand to know what your publisher expects you to do in this regard.

What are the chances of me purchasing a cover and then seeing my book cover on another book up for sale?

Our covers are exclusive, we only sell them once. However, the images used are stock photos and are available for anyone to purchase on the websites that sell them like Shutterstock and Fotolia. So covers with only one image or without special effects can resemble other covers made by other designers that have purchased the same stock images.

This, however, shouldn’t really be a huge concern. Some authors freak out about this issue, but that’s really nonsense. The publishing world has long been using regular, unaltered stock images on the covers you see on the bookstores. Nevertheless, you don’t see multiple books with similar covers. Only massive best-sellers such as Harry Potter deserve uniquely illustrated covers. I have seen best selling books on bookstores using old and popular stock images widely used all over the place. Even great successes like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Girl on the Train have regular stock photos on their covers. If these books with massive sales are ok with their regular stock images, why should a self-publishing author be too concerned about that? It doesn’t make sense.

Some authors get paranoid thinking that if their cover even slightly resembles another book, then everybody will know, everybody will see. That doesn’t really happen. Readers don’t memorize covers theysee while browsing books online. On a bookstore that is even less likely to happen. Even if people see both covers (which is already hard to happen) they will not remember details and make the connection. Maybe they will have a sense of familiarity while looking at each cover, but that’s it. Readers are not overly concerned about your book cover!

Of course, it’s important not to copy pre-existing covers of books on your niche. The chances, however, that another cover will popup with the same stock photos in the same niche is very, very small (unless the author purposely copies your cover). There are literally billions of stock photos available on multiple websites all over the internet. Not only that, but usually images are not used completely unaltered on our covers (even though big publishing houses do just that). They are mixed with other images or have special effects. Only covers with close-up portraits are at a bigger risk. We do however, Photoshop faces, change eye colors, alter shapes of noses, jawline, eyebrows, etc. This may be overkill, but adds another layer of uniqueness, even though it really is silly to worry about that! Unless two books are published in the exact same category with the same stock image (statistically the chances are close to zero) nobody will ever notice any similarity. Of course, if your book cover resembles a massive best-seller people will notice, even if the image is significantly different. A book cover in black with a man’s tie will always resemble Fifty Shades of Grey, even if the tie is different. Concepts are more important than images.

If you absolutely don’t want to use a stock image, you can submit your own (hopefully professionally taken) photographs or choose to use no images at all and ask us to work with geometric shapes and colors.

My book won't be finished for at least a year. I'm only looking at covers at this point, but I found one that I really love. Can I purchase it now just to reserve it?

Yes, you can. Our covers are exclusive, so if you really love a specific cover and think it’s going to be perfect for your book, it’s better to buy it now, so you remove it from the market. We can start working on it anytime you want, even if you want us to sit on it for years. If you change your mind, just cancel your order and we will reimburse 100% of your money.

What if I purchase a cover, but then I find another one that I like better or decide not to work with you anymore?

You can always cancel your order. Even if you ask us to wait to start working on your cover and a year later decide you don’t want that cover anymore, for any reason, you can ask for your money back. You can choose another cover, or just cancel your order and work with another designer. We’re ok with that and we will reimburse 100% of your money no matter how long ago you’ve ordered it. If we didn’t submit a final, finished cover, you can get your money back anytime.


Very talented and attentive designers. But what pleased me the most was the willingness of editing my cover multiple times until I was satisfied. Response was always very quick. An absolute pleasure, a great price, and a job well done!

Samuel Stewart

I tried to design covers myself in the past, after all it seems simple, doesn’t it? Just pick an image and add fonts… but somehow I was never able to reach professional results. The Design Fairies created a fantastic eye catching cover that gives the reader a clear idea of that my story is about.

Rebecca Hamilton

I was looking to get a simple, but impactful cover. The results are astonishing! It tells the reader what my story is about in a very simple way. It’s really been a pleasure working with The Design Fairies. I know where to look for future covers and advice on book cover designs.

Jeremy Bates